Mason Bees                                                                    Growth Sphere                                                                Farmer’s Market Benches


mason bee work

MSOB delivered over 220 Bee Houses to Whatcom Middle School’s “Common Threads” program. The program encourages students to learn where and how their food is produced and what constitutes proper and healthy eating. Mason bees are 40 times more efficient at pollination than honey bees.  Native to the Pacific NW, they are not aggressive and do not sting. 

sphere loading

Growth Sphere – MSOB partnered with the MakerSpace to produce an outdoor living exhibit of sustainable foods grown in an urban environment. The spherical structure was cut via CNC Laser and assembled on-site in downtown Bellingham. Approximately 11 feet in Diameter, It will stay active with growing plants until the end of September.


The Mens’ Shed of Bellingham designed and built 11 new benches for use at the city’s weekend Farmers’ Market.  The Market paid for materials used by Shedders in the project.  

                          Wooden Toys                                                       Shuttle Systems Tour                                                       Pacific Injection Molding Tour


toy cars

Dave Lers coordinated a Men’s Shed of build of 50 wooden toys in several different patterns.  The vehicles were cut with a digital router, sanded, finished, and assembled by hand.  MSOB donated the completed toys to Toys for Tots, an annual toy drive conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps.  


Gary Graham, owner of Shuttle Systems, gave Shedders a tour or his fascinating local fab facility. Gary was hired through a Boeing group by the US Air Force for a classified space program. They began developing a method for maintaining a well-functioning cardiovascular system in a zero-gravity environment. When the project was unexpectedly scrapped Graham continued his work on what would eventually become the first Shuttle platform: the Shuttle CMC2000.


Bob Dyer, owner of Pacific Injection Molding, hosted the Men’s Shed for a tour and demonstration of modern automation and 3D printing. We were amazed at how even a small shop is being run completely by automation.